Foundations of Healthy Living

About Foundations of Healthy Living Retreat

The Foundations of Healthy Living retreat is a 4 day residential program in a dedicated retreat facility designed for people with an interest in weight loss, however is open to anyone wishing to attend (numbers capped at 10 to support participative learning).

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The basis of this retreat is learning self-care, and understanding how thoughts, feelings, beliefs and subsequent behaviours get in the way of us living our lives in a healthy way. This retreat is not about weight loss per se. It is an interactive, psycho-educational and experiential program that strives to give participants true meaning, value and purpose in their lives.

We place an emphasis on providing all of our participants with the support and structure you need to make comprehensive changes in the following three areas:

  • Behavior – Our specially trained therapists help to promote personal growth though group support and learn skills to help you maintain and restore your increased self awareness and self-esteem. We also help you address the underlying emotional triggers that can prevent you from moving forward into a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle.
  • Nutrition – We provide you with delicious nutritious meals, and teach you how to incorporate healthy nutrition into your daily lives.
  • Exercise – Exercise is essential for physical fitness and good health. We help you recognise the benefit of improved stamina and strength, controlling weight and improving quality of life.

We understand that people feel as if they know what to do, but cannot do it alone. We help them identify and change what is standing in the way of more controlled eating and a better relationship with food and activity as well as their mind and bodies.

Our workshops, activities, and group sessions help you to learn to incorporate structure into your daily life and apply new strategies to the world around you, encouraging you to adopt lasting lifestyle changes. In short, our program is designed to help both men and women learn how to change the way they think, act, react, feel and live.

Our Foundations of Healthy Living Retreat is the ideal setting in which to dedicate serious time and energy in the pursuit of healthy lifestyle changes.

Our retreats are held in The Lifestyle Lodge – a comfortable, 12 bedroom lodge style accommodation in Ohakune.  This is a gorgeous place at the bottom of Mt Ruapehu and a beautiful spot in both summer and winter. The Lodge is specifically designed to enhance the learning objectives we have set, in a cost effective and affordable manner.

The cost is for the 4-day retreat, including all meals, presentations, workshops and activities is $2100.00* per person (*if you have had surgery with Tailor Clinics, the retreat cost is $1850.00). For repeat retreat participants, the cost is $1750.00.