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About Our Team


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Andrea Schroeder

Andrea is a Registered Nurse and Bariatric Consultant who has been working within the field of Bariatric surgery for the past 18 years. As Director of Weight Loss Surgery Ltd and Foundations of Healthy Living Retreats, her role is to oversee the integration of the entire Bariatric teams in Hamilton and Wellington, as well as facilitate the team and the program at the retreats.

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Lorraine Hamilton

Lorraine's clients call her their 'secret weapon' as she busts through their mindset blocks with expert precision.  She's the lead trainer and owner of Coach School, and the creator of Thin[k] Program - a 6 week program designed to release guilt and move through the mindset aspects to successful, sustainable weightloss through choice. Lorraine is a successful entrepreneur, mindset coach and NLP practitioner. Lorraine facilitates the fundamentals of the retreat program in an energetic and approachable way, bringing her vast experience to every session.


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Kate Berridge

Kate is a Registered Nurse with over thirty years experience in a variety of clinical and educational roles. She was involved in the development of the Counties Manukau DHB Bariatric Service in 2007 and began her immersion and specialization into all things relating to Obesity and Weight Loss Surgery (WLS). The next nine years saw her coordinating and providing the pre and post surgical support for the service at Middlemore Hospital. In 2016, she completed her Master’s Degree and left the DHB to begin providing independent long-term support for those who have had WLS. Her study and experience has provided her with a wealth of knowledge and understanding around what to expect physically, emotionally, and psychologically after weight loss surgery. Kate shares these learnings with participants and encourages self compassion as a key to long term success.


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Maree Gibson

Maree Gibson is a co-founder of Skin Theatre and a Palmerston North Globe Theatre award winning actress. An English and drama teacher, public speaker, actor, storyteller, writer,  WLS spokesperson and a group facilitator, Maree is also a shenanigan maker, star gazer, mother, partner, best friend, a one armed bandit and believer of serendipity. Maree believes that life mirrors art and her 'MC' role within the retreat program gives her the opportunity to peel back the layers and explore what makes up a woman or a man. “The biggest challenge for the modern person is accepting who they really are - can people exist without a mask? Knowing they can be enough just as they are?” Currently, Maree is in the middle of launching 'Arm Yourself', her own motivational business, arming people with the skills to be stronger in their own skin.


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David Schroeder

David Schroeder is an experienced laparoscopic abdominal surgeon who has been performing weight loss surgery in the Waikato area for 20+ years. He pioneered laparoscopic obesity surgery in New Zealand, introducing the gastric band in 1996, and performing the first laparoscopic gastric bypass in New Zealand in 2000. He has performed over 2500 primary and revisional obesity operations. David has developed a keen interest in the role of the brain in getting the best results after surgery and shares his learnings at the retreat through sessions on mindfulness, breathing, meditation and Acceptance Committment Therapy (ACT).


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Sheryl Matthews

Sheryl is our patient support co-ordinator and passionate cook. Her warm and encouraging ‘camp mother’ qualities quickly builds a rapport with all participants and ensures everyone feels pampered and well supported throughout their time at the retreat.


Ann Monahan

Ann Monahan

Ann is a Clinical Psychologist and exercise consultant. Her varied role at retreats is to help support and encourage participants through the emotional and psychological barriers after surgery, helping to identify behaviours and triggers, and develop coping skills after surgery.