Foundations of Healthy Living

The PACE Program

The PACE Program is specifically designed to deal with the mindset and long term behaviour changes that are required to ensure that your investment in bariatric surgery was the best thing you ever did.

It’s perfect for you if you have been thinking about coming to retreat but have either been too scared, too busy or live too far away. You can experience the same sessions and learnings from the comfort of your home and at your own PACE.

PACE stands for Practising Awareness through self-Compassion and Education.

We know from working with over 3000 patients of bariatric surgery and running over 50 retreats, that the things that people struggle with the most have little to do with food. Over the 30+ lessons in the PACE Program, you will go on a journey of personal discovery that will help you to become aware of your own blocks and triggers, learn to put yourself first and arm you with the knowledge and tools to be confident that you will never go back to the ‘you’ before surgery.

This is truly life-changing.

Introductory Video on the PACE Program