Foundations of Healthy Living

Activities & Workshops at our retreat

Each day is packed with activities designed to help you re-focus on your weight loss goals. With specialist guidance from our team of experts and four days just to focus on you, you will leave reignited with some practical skills and tools to help achieve lifelong successful weight management.

At our retreat, we know that achieving both short and long-term weight management goals requires you to change the way you think about nutrition, exercise, and the role food plays in your lives.

Typical activities...

  • The psychology behind weight loss and 'life' - gain insight into this and lifestyle change, habit changing and creating
  • "Emotional wellbeing" presentations for help in healing body, mind and spirit with a focus on self care and self compassion
  • Exercise recommendations for weight loss and learn how exercise impacts your ability to control your weight for the rest of your life
  • Exercise classes and daily bush walks
  • Success habits for long-term weight loss/maintenance
  • Identifying values and using these as drivers for behaviour
  • Mindfulness, breathing and meditation activities
  • Enjoy recreational activities with other participants

"Free Time"

We are aware of the intensity of the teachings and the need for free-time so between classes or after hours you can stroll along the river, relax on the verandah whilst admiring the view, play some board games inside, or mingle in the social area, networking and developing friendships with other participants.

Foundations of Healthy Living Retreat Programme