Foundations of Healthy Living


Here are some of the comments from participants of previous getaways:

Leaving the Retreat, I felt lighter - in body and in mind. I had nervously carved a few days of space in my busy life to be a part of what has truly been a game changer in how I feel and think about myself. The warm welcome by Andrea as each participant first stepped through the doors in the tranquil location, to the soft ‘ahhhh ha!’ moments provided by Donna’s nurturing and insightful delivery of the program combine to bring one back to centre in a safe and inspiring environment. Kendall’s knowledge of nutrition (and delicious food!), the easy at home exercises, and attention to detail throughout show an unprecedented level of care and dedication to helping individuals find what they are looking for, to get back on track whatever the goal.
It's a place to put you first and hit that reset button, to take a step forward as you leave armed with a bucket load of practical and easily applied tools to return to who you want to be, that you that really is enough.
Since the retreat I am gently focused, kinder to myself, and excited about understanding more about my body and mind. Thank you Donna, Andrea and Kendall for a truly enlightening experience.

What was the most significant thing you took away from the Retreat?...the feeling of belonging to an amazing group of people and the tools to help me with self-care...that the true essence of life begins and ends with self...the total event has made such a shift in my thinking

How will this make a difference in your life?...being more mindful, practising self care....some more tools, feel a real part of the SOS family... given me a reason to get up in the mornings, learning I am not a failure....i WILL follow the advice/info given, I will succeed

The best part of the Retreat for you was?....head stuff, been blocking and self medicating-not anymore...the whole team working together...the SOS team are and show that they are passionate to see us succeed

The worst part of the Retreat for you was?...waking up at 6 am! ended, it was a fantastic boost...plucking up the courage to go....that the retreat ends today!

We hope you will consider the opportunity to be part of a fun, focused, enriched learning experience.